The Leaves Are Changing and So Did Your Life


One of my favorite times of year has finally arrived! September comes with big astrological changes, and I know by now everyone is becoming accustomed to change. 2020 has been a year of continuous change and September will prove just how big of a transformation we are collectively going through. Things will start to pick up speed; however, the speed we will all be operating on won’t be for the faint of heart. I am not saying put on your running gear, but I am saying to buckle your seatbelt! This September is ideal for those adrenaline junkies out there.

On September 2nd, the full moon in Pisces is showing us exactly where the changes have occurred. This moon’s energy has been being felt for days now. Once the moon is full, the revealments that will be shown will have many experiencing different feelings of of shock, disillusion, focus, sadness, overzealous, reservement, cautiousness, and sleepiness. This moon is like a mirror showing you everything you must see in order to make the leap you must make in order to continue on with the changes you have been experiencing thus far. There is no turning back now and time is of the essence when doing any magical work. Blue and white candles are favorable, cleaning house, taking stock, and having a good comfort meal will be good for any ritualistic work being done. 

Saturn quincunx True Node on the following day giving us a very strange type of energy to work with. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn while True Node is in Gemini so here we have the grandparent and child aligning with each other. The day has a nogastic sort of feel with also a childlike wonderment of the reality we are living. In other words, enjoy this energy, think back to when you were a child wanting something so bad and making wish after wish and then having your wish come true. Feel that feeling once again for it is there where the magic lays in order to manifest it in real time. Your wish is granted!

On the 5th we have quite a busy day filled with so much action you won’t know which way to turn. First, we have Pallas stationing direct in Capricorn which has been retrograding since May. Throughout this cycle we changed our way of thinking and even took action according to our new way of thinking. Thinking outside the box was the main focus for this transit while taking concise steps in order to get things done. Mercury enters Libra shifting our focus once again on partnerships and equality. However, the approach will be more diplomatic and conscientious for all those involved. Lastly, Uranus semi-square True Node showing us some blockages but there isn't anything major about these blockages. Do keep in mind it’s not the many blockages you think you have but just one big blockage you do have. However, this blockage is nothing you can not overcome with focused attention and consideration of all angles. 

Venus enters Leo on the 6th giving us the fuel we need to fulfill our passions which have been laying dormant for far too long. At this time, we will come to realize we aren’t the only ones with desires. You will notice many people approaching you seemingly out of nowhere. They all want something and they want it with you. However, word to the wise, don’t be fooled by all the hoorah and not see things for what they really are. By doing so you won’t be caught off guard if things don’t go as precise when first approached. The beauty of this transit though is you can fix whatever isn’t moving accordingly. Just have fun during this time.

On the 9th the red planet retrogrades in its home of Aries until November 13th. I do hope you are all prepared for the major life altering events that will be occurring during this time. If you thought resistance was futile you have no idea how true this statement truly is. I know you all have realized by now the world is raging and whatever fights you have been fighting in your day to day have been life changing as well. Now, we will all realize this was just the beginning of the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more than meets the eye and it will all be revealed throughout the remainder of the year. I won’t tell you to choose your battles wisely however I am here to say don’t take it raw dog or laying down. Keep in mind everyone will be purging, being offensive, defensive, and being pushed to break free from old karmic cycles. One last piece of advice: remember that Chiron is also retrograding in Aries so those old wounds whether healed or not are out in the open for all to see, hear, and heal. Cause healing you will be doing whether you want too or not. If you choose the latter best of luck to you and may the Gods smile upon thee with mercy and grace. 

Jupiter stations direct on the 12th in Capricorn and hopefully whatever opportunities were presented were explored and decided upon. With Jupiter direct, opportunities will be sparse. Working diligently will be necessary in order to grow your fortune. Travel will only be for gain not pleasure, but some will see their gains brings them pleasure. Expansion is here and in the making while you learn all the intricacies in order to keep gaining. Jupiter in Capricorn is actually a very nice energy to be working with when it comes to the long term, especially if you love what you are working towards and on.

The new moon in Virgo is on the 17th and so much has been happening as we arrive on this day. This moon is all about the long haul and getting everything in order to achieve this long term goal. Planning isn’t the focus, because you already had your plan in place before this moon. What this moon is asking of you is are all your I’s and T’s dotted and crossed? Have you missed anything? Do you have all your chicks in a row? If so, breathe easy and be grateful on this day. If you notice you haven’t been as diligent as you would like, then now is the time to correct that. Brown and yellow candles will do the trick for any magical work being done with this moon’s energy.

Juno enters Scorpio on the 20th and what an entrance she will be making! Loyalty is on the agenda and God, help those who believe loyalty isn’t being had. Commitments of all types will be front and center. Connections old and new will surface to be scrutinized, elevated, and understood. Magic and spells will be revealed during this transit while in the same token doing magic and spells during this time will be very effective. Marriage will be a very big deal during this time as well. This transit will be intense in the sense that obsession becomes the motivating factor to get things done. 

Saturn quintile Chiron on the 25th, giving us another healing day to work with. Being more aware of aspects of yourself which you have healed will be the theme throughout the day. If any triggers do occur, it will be for the last time in order for it to be fully healed. No more wallowing in self pity! If old wounds do surface, you will heal them for good and move forward in life with a better understanding of yourself. Be proud of yourself as I am of you!

Ceres on the 27th continues its retrograde in Aquarius shifting our focus more inward than out. During this transit community, humanitarian, connection, technological advances will all be weighed, analyzed, and observed in order to take the best course of action. A sense of peace will be your indication if you are on the right course. On this same day, we also have Mercury entering Scorpio shifting our communication into a more intimate approach of the things that have not been said. All those secrets which have been aching to be told will now see the light of day. Dreams will be very symbolic, vivid, and affirmed during your waking hours. Nothing that is hidden will remain hidden any longer. Confessions of love will take on a very romantic display for those on the receiving end.

We finish off the month with Saturn stationing direct in Capricorn on the 29th. All those karmic lessons have now been experienced, which gives you the heads up if any of those lessons are to repeat themselves again. You will now know what to do in order to master your reaction to them. The forward movement of Saturn now will have us all finishing things up in order to see the long haul of our lives. Whatever lessons you are to learn now will have you mastering them quicker allowing you to ascend higher. Pat yourself on the back because you did this and you did it well while handling this thing called life. WOOHOO!

Happy Autumn everyone! May this new season bring you all that you desire and more!


Time Alludes All


Happy, May! This month will be one for the books. Solidifying the change throughout the collective we have all been experiencing since the beginning of the year. As we know 2020 is a 4 year and being May is the fifth month in the calendar it’s giving us 9’s energy. Meaning collectively we will be making karmic changes in our evolutionary progress. Compassion and tolerance is the main theme throughout the month. The lesson for the month is vulnerability though. Let us commence with the planetary shifts happening throughout the month.

The biggest shift will be on the 5th when the Nodes known as the “Nodes of Fate” leave Cancer and Capricorn. What does this mean precisely? Well, it means our focus for our life’s purpose will now take on a different meaning. For the past year and half we all have been focusing on home and responsibilities. Issues from our past arise in ways we could have not foreseen and our safety was brought into the forth front. As the Nodes shift from Cancer and Capricorn  to Gemini and Sagittarius we find ourselves collectively questioning the safety of not only our homes but also of ourselves and our livelihood. Now, for the next year and half what will arise will be our handling of things.

The North Node(True Node)will shift into Gemini making us all aware of our environment and what is happening to it. Gemini has a pretty bad reputation in the astrological world yet what we must keep in mind is that Gemini is a mutable meaning it is adaptable. Keeping this in mind will be very beneficial throughout this transit. The South Node will shift into Sagittarius bringing up past lives issues of truths that are affecting us in the here and now. What we heal from our past will help us adapt in the present. Remember being present is far more advantageous in any change taking place.  

On the 7th we have our full moon in Scorpio shedding light to the changes that must occur. Scorpio is a fixed sign meaning it can be quite fixated on things, people, and places. Yet, this moon’s purpose is to help alleviate whatever dead weight we are still carrying and insisting on making it work just because that’s what we want. Doing things in the same manner no longer works and this moon will illuminate it. To help shed this energy do a scrubbing ritual, honor your deities, have a glass of wine, and just let go. 

May 11th Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius zapping us all into movement. Having bouts of insanity and feeling like you can not express yourself will be the new norm. Unexpected turn of events affects collectively more so than individually. Showing us once again how very connected we are. Advances in technology will not only leave us speechless but it will have us questioning its velocity on the scene. Individually though do expect whatever changes have been transpiring to move in a more slow and detailed manner. Answers once known will change seemingly overnight. Ideas should be written down and kept quiet until the time strikes for it’s reveal. Do keep in mind what we thought we knew will now prove to be unknown once again. 

On this same day Mercury enters Gemini shifting us into more movement however this energy will prove to be more frustrating as the days unfolded. Day by day things will pick up speed and then halt into place for an overlook of what is really transpiring. Communication will be left with more uncertainty yet advances in communication technology will bring more togetherness and unity. Curiosity will take on a new meaning only because it helps bring on easiness, connectedness, and compassion. Childlike wonderment will have us all leaping into action. 

On the 13th Mars enters Pisces ushering us into creative mode. Creation of all kinds come to life with ease. Seeing beyond our self limitations will leave all with hope for a brighter future. Wanting to share in love and positivity helps us to open up to all the possibilities. A sense of possession is the motive for the rapid movement taking place. Yet, the trick here is the allowance we must be in; in order for things to unfold magically.

Venus on this same day retrogrades in Gemini, putting a halt on all forms of communication, movement, diplomacy, humanitarian work only because now is the time to floss things over. Going over things with a fine comb will move things along at a much manageable speed. Agreements will be binding and life changing for all involved. 

Jupiter retrogrades on the next day in Capricorn shifting our focus to the tangible and how to produce more of it for the long haul. While Jupiter has been transiting in Capricorn we have been able to see what big projects can be accomplished. Now, with Jupiter retrograding seeing clearly won’t be a problem. Do note whatever big climbs we take during this time will prove to have been exactly what was needed to prosper in big meaningful ways. 

The 17th has Pallas starting it’s retrograde in Aquarius. At this time collectively we will learn nothing is ever easy especially during times of change. In order to evolve as a species we have to dive deep in order to see clearly what must be done collectively. Whether or not these changes take on precedence won’t really matter because the energy calls for action and action is what must be done. The time of ideas is now over and the time for action is now needed. Time is of the essence in the evolutionary steps that must proceed. 

Our new moon on the 22nd in Gemini is leading the way into unity. Yet, this moon will highlight the children of the world and what it means to be a child during this time. Children will have answers to solutions adults could have ever imagined. Communication of all kinds will be taking place in all innovative ways. Candles of pastels colors, angelite, amber, and selenite crystals will help in receiving clear messages from the heavens above. 

Juno brings some relief when it stations direct on the 26th in Libra. When Juno started it’s retrograde back in February we felt how imbalance things are in our day to day. Our relations were made front in center to really assess where are grounding really was. Whether this ground was concrete or not was what we were being made to see. Now, with it direct once again we can now strive to balance ourselves out.

Finally, on May 28th Mercury shifts into Cancer helping us address our emotional needs. At times though our emotional needs will get the best of us and jealousy could rear its ugly head. Do be mindful also of psychic insights being illuminated during dream time. Deep emotional connections will be the goal to all of our future relations. 

The month of May will show us how vulnerable we really are and some will want to turn back the hands of time. Change is always tricky only because the fear of the unknown takes over all optimism. Yet, when we move along in a peaceful manner the unknown becomes clear that one can’t help but wonder why one ever doubted or feared. Do your best to enjoy yourselves this month. Life is changing and all we can do is enjoy the ride. So, fasten those seat belts for the ride has many loops and turns.

Evolve or Get Left Behind

Happy New Year!!! I do hope everyone had a blast ringing in the new year with those you care about. 2019 in my opinion seemed like a long year of getting things in order. Collectively, shifts were happening at a constant speed that when we did get some breaks in between everyone was happy for it. The beginning of the year started with an eclipse and it finished with an eclipse and boy were all the eclipses of the year so eye opening. The good thing was that we all survived all the shifts which prepared us for this new year. Which by the way this year promises to be one for the books!

We start with Mars shifting into Sagittarius on January 3rd giving us that fuel to get shit done! No, more wallowing in our emotions the time has come now to understand them and take action. Action is what we all need to start this month right. The more we take the appropriate action for our goals the more clearly we see the infinite possibilities. As much as life is about learning it’s also about taking what we learned and putting it into action. Now, would be the right time to see where you must implement that action and where you must take a step back in order to understand everything in your surroundings.

Our first full moon of the year is on January 10th and it’s our first eclipse in Cancer. This moon will help us in shifting into a better feel of what exactly must be done and how to get it done. Of course feelings and erratic moods will be felt by the majority however that does not mean we have to make it our own. Here we must assess what is our feelings and our mood during this time. Quiet meditation will definitely help with this and basking in the moon’s light will help give us the vision and clarity we need for the year. I know some will want to do water rituals because of the moon being in a water sign. I am here to say if you do instead fill a jar with water and make yourself some moon water to use in the near future. You will also want to charge your crystals, make yourself some comfort food, and spend time with those who make you feel safe and secure.

On this same day Uranus is shifting direct in Taurus which has been retrograding since the summer. This retrograde has bought so many shifts and surprises in the home and career front that many felt its impact profoundly. Now, with Uranus moving forward again things will continue to shift however it won’t be so chaotic but it will still shake us up. All the things that were no longer serving us have now been removed and the doors have opened up for us to explore. Now would be the time to learn a unique way of increasing our finances. Our comfort levels will still be shaken up because it is helping us to grow as individuals.

January 12th is a day for all to keep in mind. On this day we have Pluto and Saturn in conjunction with each other. Meaning, today is a very good day to get a lot done in terms of karmic clearing, healing, and forgiveness. The reward will be mind blowing because the last time this happened we were all in our past lives in 1518. Don’t be surprised if you recall past lives around this time. You wake from very unusual dreams and even during your waking moments you will receive affirmations of the lives you are clearing. Don’t fear this day and if you are in a fearful vibration do your very best to acknowledge it and transmuted into positive action. Pluto and Saturn reward those who put in the effort and don’t allow fear to get the best of them.

The 13th of January has Venus shifting into Pisces and this is shift will be a nice one. It will have us all being dreamy when it comes to romance, friendship, all sorts of partnerships, and even encountering soul mates. Have fun with this energy, do something you love, dream big, and definitely believe that love does exist. Just remember as much as we want our dream to come true we gotta be mindful we aren't the only ones dreaming. In order for it to materialize all people involved have to be willing to make it so.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th which will have us all asking those very profound questions we have been wanting to say aloud. While, Mercury was in Sagittarius our communication skills took a turn for the better allowing understanding to be had. Now, with Mercury in Aquarius it will have us asking the questions we want to ask of those we have been having on our minds. Just remember as much as you are asking be prepared to receive and be open to yourself being questioned. At this time some will instead choose to be investigative which could lead to a lot of assumptions that aren’t even true. So, do be mindful of this.

Pallas is an asteroid which will be joining Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and the Sun in Capricorn on the 18th. This energy is making us question the value of certain things in our lives. Once we start analyzing and realizing our value in things and people not only will we shift but so will those around us. We do have to be careful we don’t get stuck in our minds and we realize everyone does bring value. Things on the other hand is all dependent on what it is. Things are easily replaceable however people are not and that includes our pets and plants. Around this time it would be good to do some environmentalism and charitable things for animals. We gotta remember we all share this planet and cohabiting is a must in order to keep living in a high vibrational energy.

The new moon on the 24th will be in Aquarius helping us to gain a much bigger understanding and perspective when it comes to things in our lives. Why is it we hold so much stock in the material? What better way can we help ourselves in order to help our fellow man? The energy of this moon won’t be a light one because it is helping us to see where we are holding onto things that really don’t matter. Doing more charitable work at this time will really give you the perspective you need to see in order to understand why it is important to be good to thy neighbor.

Finally, on January 31st we have Ceres the dwarf planet also entering Aquarius bringing more emphasis on humanitarian work. Radical changes will occur at this time with our planet. People will stand up and shout , “STOP TORTURING OUR MOTHER EARTH”. Everything from food, to agriculture, and women’s rights will be thoroughly looked upon and a change will happen. Enough is enough we have been mistreating not only our women but also our planet for far too long. Changes in family, the way we view food, and our planet will all be scrutinized and this is exactly what needs to happen in order to make the shifts we must take as an evolving species. 

January is a month packed with action so get your walking shoes on because you are not running there you are being made to walk and see everything that is occurring. So, one step at a time and one day at a time.


Sagittarius the Philosopher

Sagittarius the Philosopher 11/23-12/21

Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire

~It does not matter what we speak of just as long there’s truth behind it~

You’ve been invited to a party but you are so hesitant of going because you are positive you won’t be socializing with any one. As soon as you get there you realize your predication will come true but you didn’t want to dis your best friend once again and now you are regretting even the outfit you selected for this slow torture. You walk over to the food table and start nibbling on some finger foods when all of sudden you get bumped and your food falls to the floor. All you hear is this apologetic voice while being lost into the depths of the most friendly eyes you have ever seen. You can’ stop staring and you notice the smile; what an amazing smile :-D You are certain no one else is in the room anymore. The party must have moved to another part of the house. I am happy to say you have fallen for a Sagittarius and this is where the chase begins…
The chase of course is the fun part but only for the Sagittarius you are hoping to capture. The symbol that represents Sagittarius is a centaur; a half horse half man. We Sagittarius run very quickly taking everything into sight. So, in order for you to keep us grounded you must have a lot of shiny things and most importantly interesting things to talk about. We love to talk and talk a lot; even the quieter Sagittarius has a lot to say. Yes, there are some shy Sagittarians but don’t be fooled the mind is constantly going. You will read through out the world of astrology how Sagittarius is the bachelor of the zodiac I must disagree. Understand one thing which is of the utmost importance our aspect in the zodiac world is mutable. Which means we are adaptable; we can walk into a situation observe what’s going on and quickly adjust ourselves to it. So, if a relationship is what you are looking for with this find specimen of a being you must bring all your ammunition. Sagittarius is happy single and in a relationship. The freedom is what keeps Sagittarius single but the stability is what makes Sagittarius hunger for a relationship. The constant running gets tiring and Sagittarius longs for a rest at a peaceful home. 
Sagittarius rules the 9TH House in astrology which consist of religion and higher awareness. This means at a very early age questions of dogma and education come into play. Throughout their lives they are constantly searching for the truth. They won’t come to understand until a much later age with many experiences(remember the centaur represents Sagittarius)that they themselves have the truth within them. Jupiter their ruling planet makes Sagittarius a very fortunate sign. They will get caught up in the most unimaginable situations and walk out of it with a smile and new experience gained. Their wisdom is born from these experiences; they know the outside road is where one must gain wisdom. Knowledge is something they are born with, reading books is just to keep busy while resting their hooves. There is a lot to be said about being in enraptured with a Sagittarius who can converse about any subject at the drop of a hat. Trust me you won’t ever be bored. They are also very funny people its because their humor has truth in it. Its not exaggerated its just timely delivered. Just one more thing Sagittarius is a very popular, friendly, and flirtatious person. Attention from others is given to them freely because Sagittarius gives attention right back unselfishly. They don’t demand it like their fellow fire sign Aries or Leo who people gravity to and quickly realize they might get burned if their attention goes else where. I just hope you are okay with the fact that the attention you are giving and receiving isn’t only for you.
To be in love with a Sagittarius is to trust fully that they are what you see. There is no false pretense, no guessing how I feel, no wondering if they are lying to you or not. Sagittarius is very honest but they do have their secrets. They had to learn early in life that being an open book isn’t very useful in this unforgiving world. Not everyone needs to know everything about your character and your life. A little bit of mystery is a very sexy and alluring trait to have(Scorpio knows this all to well). So, if you feel you aren’t getting 100% from your Sagittarius crush just be patient because once you have them you will wonder how anyone can be so damn honest. You see if you ask a question please except a very blunt and truthful answer. You better have thick skin, an awesome sense of humor, a huge forgiving heart, brain power, your jealousy in check, and a passionate personality in order to have your heart and soul be their resting place. Just one more thing before I finish up this blog….you know Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, correct….well, DO NOT for the love of the GODS get a Sagittarius angry. Their anger is impulsive, powerful, and destructive. Their jealousy is not a pretty sight to be hold once their jealousy is ignited please be prepare for the onslaught of questions, blunt words, and explosive anger that will follow. I know its not fair that you can’t be jealous but they can be but there’s really nothing you can do about it. Just be thankful these outbursts of rage only ever happen rarely; that’s only because Sagittarius is a very confident person. Just remember not only have you gained a lover but you also gained a very loyal friend. Smile that loving smile of yours because you have the most loved person by the Gods by your side smiling that bright big smile of theirs on you :-D


Sagittarius the ninth zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter(Zeus). The bow & arrow is the symbol and the centaur is the representation for this sign. If your birthday lies between November 22- December 21st you are in fact a Sagittarius. You will always read how fun loving and optimistic a Sagittarius is. You will also read how they are the eternal bachelors of the zodiac, how they fear commitment or responsibilities. Ehh, doesn't everyone have those fears??? Besides, I believe Virgo is more of the bachelor of the zodiac just because of how critical they are on themselves and everyone else around them. Virgos analyze everything and when I say everything I mean everything. That tends to happen when you have a quick mind. 

Now, the point to this blog is not to tell you all about Sagittarius because that would be giving all my secrets away. I don't think my fellow Sags would appreciated it to much either. Next thing I know there's 100 of them outside my door demanding who gave me the RIGHT to do such a thing. No, thank you! I am here to ask you why the centaur? Why, does he always have his bow & arrow pointing to the heavens? At times he's pointing to a target in front of him yet we don't know what it is? Why is Sagittarius the only sign that is half human and half animal? I believe I have a theory.....

I think the reason a centaur represents us is for the simple reason we would go around killing everyone. Do you know why? The Almighty Jupiter(Zeus)was a very egotistical god. He imprisoned his own father, with good reason of course, his father after all had already consumed his other siblings before him. He freed them all and he got everyone who hated his father to join him in his cause for justice! Once he finished doing what he had to do, they gambled to see who would rule over what domain, and we all know how much we love to gamble :-) As lady luck would have it Zeus(Jupiter)won the sky and he was now the new GOD who all other GODS had to listen to........ 

So, the centaur is a good choice for this zodiac sign. Being half human and half horse is a good thing, our logic outweighs our animal reactions. Even in anger we are still thinking and trust me you do not want to know what is running through our minds. Just be thankful we aren't doing what we are thinking at that moment. The only time the animal in us takes over is when we are chasing someone we are interested in or in bed...yes, I said it...all Sagittarians are animals in bed...if you are dating one and you haven't seen that side yet its because they aren't comfortable with you yet....but do trust me it's there waiting to be unleashed.....A Sagittarius is a deep thinker and will always be open to discussing anything from space to the ladies in the corner always asking for money. If there is reason and humor behind in it then there is much to discuss...... 

As far as the bow & arrow, well Sagittarius is the only one with a weapon. Just be careful...not only can we get out of hand but we are also very blunt in our way of speaking. You do not want one of those arrows pointed towards you. An archer makes sure he sees his target, follows it, and slowly but steadily aims his arrow, unleashes it with such brute force, the target lays dead not knowing where that arrow came from. Poor little guy thinking he could fuck with a Sagittarius....he will have learned his lesson when he comes to..hopefully, he comes to......

Well, folks I know I said I would post September's horoscopes but it's already the 14TH...I feel it defeats the purpose now. I do think I will make a post next of one of the other fire signs...either Aries ruled Mars(Ares)God of War<----that should basically answer all your questions about the Aries person you are dating....or Leo who is ruled by the Sun<---yes, the big star that shines brightly over ahead..........this should also give you a clue about the Leo person you are dating...

Until next time!