October 2021 Forward Movement

Hello, October! The season of the witch is here and with it comes many spooky turns of events. This is the month where everything turns direct once again. I shouldn't say everything, because some planets will remain in retrograde. However, this is the month of changes and realignment of your course of action that you took back in September. Even if things seem hectic... they really aren't. Things are just being rearranged for the betterment of all.

On October 1st, Neptune quintile True Node will be reminding us of the healing we have been undergoing the past week. Today is the liberation of that healing. It will no longer weigh you down, hold you back, or keep you in a victimhood mentality. Set yourself free and allow the Universe to guide you in a new course of direction. 

On the  6th we have the new moon in Libra calling for more mental clarity. The clarity is to help alleviate all the retrograde motion happening at this time. The illumination the moon is offering is beneficial for the course of action you have embarked on. Now, the moon is offering reassurance for the journey underway. Keep in mind, whatever transpires at this time is to bring balance and a better understanding of the growth you are experiencing. Colors to work with are blue, gold, and gray. Resting is the best way to receive guidance from the moon on this day. Trust in what is happening, not everything has been revealed. 

Pluto stations direct on the 6th in Capricorn. Pluto has been in retrograde motion since April of this year. Transformation has been underway since then. A lot of karmic cycles ended while others resurfaced to be addressed. The karma that ended had to do with your self worth, self value, self awareness, and who you might still be blaming for whatever faults, shortcomings, or hardships you have endured. By now you should have a better understanding of why things happened the way they did. With Pluto moving forward, you will be put to the forefront to see what exactly you have learned and mastered. 

Venus Enters Sagittarius on the 7th until November 4th. The planet of beauty and luxury will be fueling and expanding these areas in our lives. Big blessings will be common at this time and also wanting to do something big to bring beauty into your home, business, partnerships, and yourself. The changes happening at this time will benefit you in the long term. Remember everything you are doing now is for your long term purpose. Negotiating will be common, but be sure you are taking your time and not impulsively jumping into commitments you don't intend on keeping. 

On the 8th, Ceres retrogrades Gemini until December 4th. While Ceres has been in Gemini since July we have all been working through our more compassionate side. Now, in retrograde we get to reevaluate our compassion and how we view it and practice it. We will want more awareness in a lot of areas where apathy ruled. Many are so lost with their day to day stresses and are falling short in many areas of their life. You are being urged to slow down, breath, and care for yourself at this time. Take the time for self care and self healing; and if there's children in your reality, take the time to bond with them. Learn their world and emerge with a new perspective come December. 

Saturn stations direct on the 10th in Aquarius. Since May the planet of karma and time has been guiding us through the karmic cycle which needed the most work. Many screamed and cried and others were hit with a big karmic smack in the face. Those that were spanked by Father Time were smacked into the appropriate time frame and reality. Nothing is ever easy with Saturn, however, it does not have to be so difficult in order to master the lesson. As of today, you have all the knowledge you can possibly need. What is it that you will do with it? Will you continue on or will you finally make the change you have been wanting in order to be in your own power. Be wise. 

On the 18th, we have two planets stationing direct. First, we have Jupiter who has been in retrograde motion since June now moving forward in Aquarius. This retrograde really was mind expanding as it did start it's backwards motion in Pisces back in June. Giving us all a big picture of things to come. And yet, as much as we saw it we also had to take action with these visions. Now, we are experiencing a new unexpected reality. Even if you find yourself in the same thing, do recall what was brought into your reality to address. If you think you had addressed it, you will soon come to find out that was never the case. The time is now and now you will be in the mix of this unexpected reality. 

Mercury stations direct in Libra on the 18th. Everything will speed up now and all those negotiations and hold ups will now take speed. You see while all the talking was happening things were also being put into place by the Universe. Whether you noticed or not does not matter because now you will be made aware of it. The surprising thing will be how much this new found information will actually benefit you in the long run. Keep the communication lines open. Just be mindful not to keep yourself stuck in negative discussions, gossip, or arguments. 

The 20th brings the full moon in Aries and boy will this moon be felt, heard, and seen. Nothing will be hidden during this moon. Everyone will be exposed at this time. All those little dark secrets you had hidden are now out in the open. One of two things will happen. You're either bragging or fighting about it. Neither scenario is good because either does no good for those involved. For those who aren't taking accountability or responsibility for certain things, situations, or dare I say it...people... you will be forced to do so. The purpose of this moon is to free you from excess baggage you are still holding onto. If you want to finish this year on a high note, then do what you would have never done before. Own up to your shit and watch others respect you more. 

Lastly, on the 30th Mars Enters Scorpio fueling the unquenchable thirst for revenge and knowledge of all things hidden. Of course, not everyone will be consumed by their darkness and insecurities during this time. Some will be taking big bold steps into securing a very profitable business venture. Breakups will happen at this time and not only the romantic kind. You will see whatever is no longer working, fixable, or transmutable will come to an abrupt end. Fighting should not be the answer, however, do not let yourself be bullied or coaxed into something you do not care about or want to do. Instead, focus on making lots of money and big moves in the next coming of weeks. 

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🕷️☠️👻👻🧟🧛🔮🧿