Aries loves as if it was the first time all over again♥

Taurus love is sensual♥

Gemini's love is double the pleasure or double the heart ache♥♥

Cancer's love is nurturing with slight touch of crazy♥

With Leo you will always be their bright spot in their immense hearts♥

Virgo's love is giving and warm♥

Libra will romanticize your heart♥

Scorpio penetrates your heart ♥

Sagittarius gives freedom and intellect in love♥

A Capricorn will always give you the best in love♥

An Aquarius gives you friendship with love♥

A Pisces love is gentle and imaginative♥

A little something for the signs

Aries stands the tallest and proudest of them all.

Taurus is patient and strong…please, tread carefully…those horns are powerful.

Gemini the most misunderstood sign is really the most loyal of all…just don’t get them bored…you have been WARNED!

Cancer’s love is calm and gentle until their fears take over; watch out for the claws!

A Leo’s heart is as big as their roar.

Virgo the bachelor of the signs, being picky can be tricky.

Libra recognizes love but Libra must learn not to fall in love with love.

Scorpio knows when you lie. Their sting is no lie. They are the voodoo sign of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is always seeking the truth but the truth is within them.

Capricorn who understands their heart and mind = Sea Goat who everyone seeks.

Aquarius lives in the future with a beautifully blended past & present.

Pisces swims against their own emotions.