February 2021 Super Charging Instantaneous Change

The month of romance has arrived with the hope of romantic bliss! People everywhere are experiencing a rapid awakening. Urging them to be one with themselves and to not allow themselves to be distracted in these times of change. Some will have love on the mind while others will have many things on the mind other than love. February will be the month we will all look back, as the month that started all the necessary changes in our metamorphosis. The changes that are and will continue to occur during this month will not necessarily be unexpected, but they will be shocking.

On the 1st, we have the planet of love entering Aquarius until the 24th. While Venus is in Aquarius expect a sudden turn of events in the love department. Feeling drawn to others and wanting to connect with them will have some investigating all there is to know in order to seal the deal with their interest. You would think Venus being in Aquarius will be all about setting yourself free from a relationship, and this will be true for some. However, for others that won’t be the case. Instead, the need for connection will take precedence and making the right connections for further development will be of the utmost importance. Do be careful though that manipulation, competitiveness, and judgement does not get the best of you when trying to accomplish what you set out to do.

On the 7th, we have True Node quintile Chiron giving us a liberation of a wound we have been carrying for what feels like forever. Now, is the time to set yourself free from this old wound which has been holding you back in fear. However, don’t get it twisted, this liberation comes at a price. The price is the explosion that will ensue in order to be liberated. You see in order to set yourself free and to truly heal from this wound, the trigger has to be stirred in order for it to be purged out. Anger has its place and its time and the place and time is now. 

On the 9th, Saturn sextile Chiron gives us a friendly reminder of why it is we are healing ourselves. The day’s energy has a feeling of relief from old burdens. Some might even want to go running with their arms up in the air and shouting with joy from the lightness they are feeling. It feels like a gust of wind came rushing in and wiped away things that we have been shouldering for others. Now is the time to let go of what is not yours with awareness and consciousness and keep it moving forward. Do right by you today.

The new moon in Aquarius is on the 11th and what a powerful moon it will be! At this time we find ourselves in a seven stellium Aquarius energetic alignment. What does this mean for our new moon? Well, it means you better think outside of the box and set your sight high. No holding back with today’s rituals, for today is the day to bring your future into the present moment. Timeline jumping is very probable and getting what we want is much nearer than it seems. So, let go of all attachments and expectations and let the Universe do what it does best. The surprises in store will leave no room for misinterpretation. Working with the colors blue and white will help amplify the electric charge in the air. 

The 17th Saturn square Uranus in cross-purpose on how to get something done. The struggle is not on the what but on the how in getting it done. Saturn in Aquarius is not hindering us at all, but actually helping us to be in the big picture. And yet, Uranus in Taurus is causing a conflict in the energy; removing all comfort and control. One must trust in the chaos going on, because only in the chaos can one see how the order is actually coming to be. You can’t always do the same thing and expect a different result. In order to get a different result one must do something never done before. 

Mercury will station direct on Aquarius on the 20th and I am positive many will be jumping with joy. It will feel like there’s a sudden shift in energy and the storm clouds have finally passed. Everyone will seem less tense and more fun loving again. The element of surprise won’t be so heavily felt however by now we are comfortable in this energetic flow. Communication will continue as per usual, however, now it has more rationale and the end goal is known by all. There’s no going back now, darlings :-)

On the 21st Ceres enters Aries until May 7th igniting passion in all that we do. During this transit we can master a lot of things that we have left on the backburner. While also mastering ourselves and our passions. Nothing can halt the growth of the outer self while the inner self is ignited. Taking care of yourself and finishing up things that were left half-way will be priority. Do your best not to rush or be impulsive. Keep your temper in check and remember force is not a way of getting things done right or at all. Be nice. Be direct, but most importantly be nice :-)

On the 25th, Venus enters Pisces until March 20th. Here the Goddess of Love finds comfort in not only dreaming, but in bringing those dreams into reality. Wanting to perfect relationships of all kinds will be the theme during this transit. No more daydreaming now is the time to grab your paintbrush and paint your dream into reality. You aren’t seeing things with rose tinted glasses, but you are seeing things as they are. This is helping in perfecting the relationships you hold dear. Showering people with appreciation, gifts, and love will sweeten any deal during this time. 

On the 26th, Jupiter trine True Node bringing luck to the day. If you don’t believe in luck, today you will. Everything just seems lucky and is lucky. Four leaf clovers everywhere, rainbows shining up ahead, unicorn kisses are being felt, and the fae are showering all with magic. Playing the lotto is cool today, however, going after that dream today will be even cooler. Today is your day so make it magical as fuck, and be so damn cool about it others will be an awe of you ;-)

Lastly, the full moon is on the 27th in Virgo helping us to fine comb all the details of the month that is going to help with next month. Surprisingly, this full moon is more about how we have been able to adapt to what has transpired thus far. We are all aware of our stance and how we are proceeding forward. The Virgo full moon is more about being strong in our decision to keep moving forward with the change. Not letting the mind be filled with anxious thoughts, but instead to have a steady determined strong mind in actualizing all that we have been dreaming of. Brown and burgundy candles should be used in your ritual tonight. 

There’s nothing quiet about this month nor is it moving slow. It is moving at a pace that helps to bring the flow of change. Do not get lost in the change. Do your best to own the changes that are happening in your world.


January 2021 Anything Is Possible

Happy New Year! I do hope this article finds you all well, at peace, healthy, and hopeful for the new year ahead. 2021 is going to be a year filled with fast pace changes, liberation, innovation, compensation, and transmutation. 2020 ushered us into our future, and 2021 is going to show and lead the way into this future. There is no going back now, we are exactly where we are meant to be. It does not matter if you just started your awakening (remembrance) or if this your umpteenth time. At this very moment you are exactly where you should be. 

2021 adds up to 5 in Numerology. This vibrational frequency signifies constant change, movement, freedom of the mundane, new ideas, creativity, unpredictability, and individualism. Collectively speaking things will continue to change in ways we could have never imagined. Some will flow with the changes, some will crumble with them, some will resist, and others might remain frozen in time. If this is the year where you start trusting and believing in the Universe and seeking the help of the Universe, you will be pleasantly surprised throughout this year. Be open to receiving and remain grounded for these changes will be fast moving.

Let us dive into January’s astrological movements. On the 4th, Jupiter semi-squares Neptune plunging us into an energetic alignment which will help so many in actualizing a big dream or idea into the material. This boost of energy will revitalize us while sharpening not only our mind, but also our sight, in order to see the big picture which is undergoing. Don’t hold your breath, but instead breathe deeply and exhale for today is a fortunate day. Pay attention to all those possibilities... for they are pointing the way.

On the 6th, Mars enters Taurus slowing down the pace of change. We must practice open mindedness and not get stuck on just one possibility. Instead, we must view all possible roads and construct an action plan that paces us into a steady pace. In the time frame this action moving planet is visiting Taurus, the sign of comfort. We must do something that brings us out of our comfort of doing things the old way. Now is a time to do something out of the box, which will bulldoze us through the brick walls we seemingly put into place a long time ago. It’s also time to put a lot of things to rest and do your best not to eat out of boredom. If you feel a need to do a lot of grounding, go outside for walks and hikes.

January 8th, Mercury makes itself at home in Aquarius... since it will be here for a bit of time. These next coming of weeks will have us all communicating with ease. Unexpected conversations will be the norm, getting to the bottom of the matter will be of the utmost importance, while confidently letting others know what exactly is needed to not only talk about change but to actually be the change and take those proactive steps in the right direction of said change. Communicating in the most unusual ways will help to deliver your words and to be well received. Do keep in mind. just because you think you know something does not necessarily mean it is. Ask the questions you would have never asked in order to receive the answers you have never received before. Let go of expectations and what you think the answer is, and remain open minded and receptive.

On this same day, we have Venus entering Capricorn. The planet of beauty and love will help us in our efforts to demonstrate the seriousness we have in establishing long lasting relationships. No more target practice or philosophizing our feelings. Now is the time to proceed forward in absolute confidence in the leadership role we are being urged to step into. Be your most authentic self and do not worry about the outside world. Remain focused and unwavering because long lasting things take time, effort, and a little thing called magic in order for it to come to be. Aggression will not do, however; assertiveness will.

The energy of the 9th will be an interesting one, anything goes and it will anywhere. Jupiter sesquiquadrate True Node handing us a solution to an ongoing situation which will now begin to resolve in the most unexpected of ways. New ideas will actualize in the here and now. Word to the wise, be in the here and now, for it’s here where you realize how beneficial this solution truly is. However, as instantly as it appeared, it will not take away from the effort we must maintain. In order to have our long term dream be a reality we must adhere to the present moment.

On the 11th, Jupiter sextile Chiron helping us in healing a part of ourselves that has made us feel imprisoned. The liberation of this day will catapult us into the depths of our soul. A new understanding for your hardships in being you will feel like a long awaited breath that was waiting to be released. The illumination of this day will bring a fresh new perspective in achieving a long awaited dream. You will understand why it took the time that it did; otherwise, it would have remained in the past unhealed.

January 13th is the first new moon of the year and it is in Capricorn. During this moon it is important to remember we are in a new beginning. We want to set tangible goals that are interchangeable with the changing times we are in. Much progress has been made, but not enough to keep up with the momentum. You do not want to increase the speed of things. However, you must remain focused on what you are striving to achieve. Working with burgundy, gold, and purple candles with help give life and illumination to the road you are on. Let go of control, trust in the process, and be confident in the magic of the moon.

Uranus moves into direct motion on the 14th while still being in Taurus. These past several months, while the planet of radical changes has been retrograde, the world has plummeted into a new way of being. Long gone are the days of doing things like we were accustomed to doing. We now live in a world where we are uncomfortable going outside of our home. Everyone's personal worlds have also undergone tremendous change. Now, with the planet moving forward once again, everyone should be well adjusted when another sudden change happens once again. At this point discomfort is the new norm and comfort is now the new uncomfortable.

On the 17th, Jupiter squares Uranus causing friction in achieving a long awaited goal. Here the God of Fortune and Expansion is demanding we take action with the opportunity being presented. Even if things seem complicated take comfort in the fact that change starts out complicated but somehow gets easier in time. Only because there’s a comfort in knowing things are changing and with change comes growth. Growth in helping us to do something new and not remain in the old ways of doing things... the hard way... in order to feel accomplished.

Vesta retrogrades in Virgo on the 19th giving us plenty of time to not only get our homes in order but to also those who reside within our homes. Organization, cleanliness, caring for, and ensuring that our sanctuary is at its utmost best is essential. When our home feels like our own it helps to make us feel at home within ourselves. Wanting to share our home with another will be precedence in really feeling at home. Showing care at this time brings in the energy one was only dreaming about. However, do your best to not overthink or worry on how things are getting done. Just relish in the energy instead.

Saturn semi-squares Neptune on the 20th. Here we run the risk of complicating an already hard to achieve dream by reaching too high for a solution. This dream is achievable, but only if one accepts one’s role in it. Participation is a must, being adaptable is key, and planting one’s feet into the reality of the dream will help it along in unfurling it. Being present in the here and now helps to gain clarity and insight on how to proceed forward.

The 21st Saturn sesquiquadrate True Node reminding us of what it means to view the world as a child while being an adult. Innocence seems like a lost trait in the majority of people. Even having a sense of humor brings a disturbance to some. Yet this day’s energy is reminding us to have fun even the most serious of us knows how to laugh. So, why not laugh today? Why, not do something fun today and remember what it was like to be a child with no worries in the world. Laughter is the cure to so many things.

On the 26th, Neptune squares True Node causing waves in an already wavy road. Today, it feels like everyone is going around circles and like everyone is in their own worlds. No one is paying attention to one another, ensuing misunderstandings, and even outbursts of jealousy. The distractions of the day have nothing to do with the outside world, but it does have everything to do with what you think should be happening. Pay attention today and listen to understand in order for your response not to be a selfish one.

The 27th Pluto bi-quintiles True Node handing us the energy of rebirth. Today, something comes to an end and a new beginning is welcomed. This new beginning is a part of the big picture. It feels like a big handout from the Universe and in reality it is. It’s a reward for the work being done in achieving your desired end goal. Synchronicity is the voice of the Universe today while your higher-self is your guiding light.

Our first full moon of the year is on the 28th in Leo. Surprises is the theme of this moon, so do expect to be surprised. Whether you like surprises or not, what matters is the surprise itself. It feels like the surprise was already known to be happening or was going to happen… but there’s a sense of forbearance. Make sure to remain patient. This will help with the surprising energy we are in. Orange, red, and yellow candles will encourage support for what the moon is giving us.

Lastly, the first Mercury retrograde starts on the 30th in Aquarius. An innate need to reinvent ourselves will dictate the next coming of weeks. Finding new ways to express yourself, your desires, your wants, and your needs will be redefined. What you thought you wanted to happen will now change when a new way of doing things will appear. Is this new way a good way? Perhaps.  Taking the time to figure out if it is a good way to proceed will open up to a new way of implementing motion. There’s no need to get all caught up in the visual, but there is a need to be in the here and now. In this way, things actualize in the most favorable of ways.

This is 2021, the year of change, so be a part of it. You are a lot stronger than you realize and just remember 2020 prepared you for this new year :-)



December Cancer Full Moon 2020

On the 29th, we have our last full moon of the year in Cancer. This moon is the moon to bring it all together. This moon is going to show us all what the year 2020 truly was about. It’s like putting a video cassette (remember those?) in a VCR and rewinding it. Your mind and heart will do the rewind, and if you missed something this moon will grant you the opportunity to grasp it once again. A long awaited wish will occur with this moon. A feeling of safety and protection will be felt. Dreams will be lived out in our waking hours. Now that our dreams are a reality it will help us in this process of our new life.

Silver and white candles will be great to use for this full moon. Doing a relaxing bath with some Himalayan Pink Salt will be beneficial. Charge all your crystals, cleanse your house, and prepare a nice home cooked meal. Drink lots of water and sleep if you are being nudged to do so. Relax, during this moon because the energy is powerful since it’s helping us all to purge and shed in order to be in our new lives. 

Dreams and psychic visions will occur both during sleep time and waking hours. Pay attention to them and perhaps write them down. It’s okay if you don’t know; just be open to the visions coming in and be at peace. This full moon is shifting us into a higher vibration and frequency so, if all you do is rest don’t worry about it. You are being upgraded. 


December 2020 Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

On the 14th, our new moon and the last (total solar) eclipse of the year will be in Sagittarius. This moon is an amplifier to November’s full moon lunar eclipse, which happened at the end of the month. During that moon we all received messages and a lot of them were in truth while others were not. It was up to you to know which messages were divine (in truth) and which were false (in fear). This solar eclipse is giving us the strength to keep on moving forward with optimism and hope. Working with the colors red, purple, and silver would be beneficial in your work today. Daydreams and dreams will give you all the answers that you need.

Working with the fire element is essential today as it will give not only your rituals power but it will also give you the empowerment you need in order to continue forward. Release, yourself from whatever lies you have been holding onto and release yourself from those who have been lying to you. This total solar eclipse is about setting yourself free, about empowering yourself, and if you find yourself alone during this time it’s exactly what you are needing to do in order to receive the visions, guidance, and intuitive insights your soul needs. Let go of all fear, call back all your energy, call back all of your power, and engulf yourself with your energy, strength, and power for you are being liberated from all past bullshit.

Happy New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December The Month That Changes Everything(2020)

It’s the last month of the year already, and what a year it has been! You know the saying, “save the best for last”? Well, December promises to be just that... the best for last. We ended November with an eclipse in Gemini, handing us truths we all needed. December is going to have us living in those truths and being thankful for all the changes that have occurred thus far. December is going to be a very intense month full of changes, blessings, miracles, love, and collective shifting. We will all wonder where the hell all the energy is coming from, but darlings, the energy has always been there. Now is the time to see it, feel it, and be it.

On the 1st, Mercury will be shifting into Sagittarius which will help us all to speak our truth. We do have to be mindful we aren’t being too apathetic when communicating with others. Be aware everyone will want to say what they've been wanting to say and it may not be spoken in a very soft manner. Do your best not to take things personally, and always ask yourself “how can I say this in a nice way?” If you find that you can't be soft and sympathetic, then perhaps it’s best not to say it at the moment. You can always come back to it and communicate it when the time is more appropriate.

On the 7th, we have Pallas shifting into Aquarius once again bringing us fresh new ideas and concepts to explore. Throughout the year Pallas kept shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius, giving us insight in our way of thinking and how we thought of the world. As we finish off the year we will be viewing the world very different with very different ideas of our world. Throughout the year I kept talking about our evolution as a collective. Well, today I am here to say this transit is more about your evolution on a personal level. Look back to the beginning of 2020 and compare where you were to where you are now. Do you love where you are now? Do you love the person you are evolving to? How much better can you make your life at this very moment? What unique ways can you do to keep your evolution going? Trust the Universe all will be extraordinary.

On the 14th, our new moon and the last (total solar) eclipse of the year will be in Sagittarius. This moon is an amplifier to November’s full moon lunar eclipse, which happened at the end of the month. During that moon we all received messages and a lot of them were in truth while others were not. It was up to you to know which messages were divine (in truth) and which were false (in fear). This solar eclipse is giving us the strength to keep on moving forward with optimism and hope. Working with the colors red, purple, and silver would be beneficial in your work today. Daydreams and dreams will give you all the answers that you need.

On the 15th, we have two planetary shifts happening. The first one is Venus shifting into Sagittarius. Here the love planet helps us all to free ourselves from any toxic binds, from the liars, and it helps us to express our emotions without any remorse. Do be mindful again, because you don’t want to be saying something you might regret later. Do everything honestly, but with tact. Do expect to hear from people you haven’t heard from in a long while.

We also have Chiron stationing direct in Aries on the 15th. Finally! After five months of it being in backward motion it finally starts moving forward once again. This shift in motion will be felt because you will finally feel a sense of relievement. As if you have been carrying something heavy and now you can put it down and walk away from it. That is exactly what we are all going to do with this transit. Whatever inner healing you have been doing this year now will be the time you feel like you just completed this healing. You will feel light and move forward a lot quicker than you were before.

On the 17th, we have Saturn entering into Aquarius for the next three years. I do hope you are all prepared for the big changes we will all go through. Yes, we have all been going through changes, however, when Saturn was in Capricorn it shifted our attention to our foundation. Now, that it is in Aquarius we will all go through changes with our knowingness of things in our lives. Experiences will be very different from what we are accustomed to doing. The things that will be changing will be our way of thinking, how we express ourselves, how we help one another, how we connect with others, and how we go about providing a life for ourselves and those we care about.

On the 18th, Juno shifts into Sagittarius bringing awareness, truth, and freedom today to our relationships. This transit will help us better understand exactly what we need as humans when it comes to love. Friendships, work relationships, family, and love partnerships will all come under observation and a thorough assessment of where things truly stand. Deep feelings will surface up and be communicated with an honest integrity that will leave no room for misinterpretation. Relationships that take off at this time will be done with an honest heart.

On the19th, we have Jupiter entering Aquarius for a year's stay. This transit is all about gaining more knowledge than you had previously. Experiences will be unique to the individual, causing changes and enlightenment never seen or felt before. Think back to 2009 when Jupiter was last in Aquarius. What exactly did you learn at that time and what knowledge did you gain that left you with a knowingness you didn’t have before. Now, Jupiter will bring enlightenment in areas we didn’t have before. Blessings and miracles will occur in the most unusual ways. Connections will be unusual only because the majority of people aren’t accustomed to being connected with others. Changes will be big and wild, however, there will be a sense of peace when the changes are occuring. So, do enjoy this transit, just keep aware of those outside your inner circle. Do something you have never done before to bring you where you never thought you would be :-)

On the 20th, we have Mercury shifting into Capricorn giving us the energy to have those serious talks we might have been putting off or quite frankly been distracted from having. Now is the time to get serious and to implement plans that no longer need to be talked about or imagined. Remember, this year was all about restructuring your foundation and now you are decorating the inside of your house. You did a great job and now you get to enjoy the harvest of your hard work. You can now show it to the world and speak about how you manage to get it all done.

On the 21st, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn and what a conjunction it will be. If you didn’t believe we are in the Age of Aquarius, you will believe it now. This day the most unusual things will happen and there will be no room for questioning. If you have found yourself being attached to things, situations, or people today will be the day you are set free. And it won’t be because you are doing it per say but because the Universe is moving and making way for what needs to come in. Whatever connections aren’t serving will go away all of a sudden and whatever connections must come in will do so all of a sudden. This day is the beginning of the new way of doing things.

Lastly, on the 29th, we have our last full moon of the year in Cancer. This moon is the moon to bring it all together. This moon is going to show us all what the year 2020 truly was about. It’s like putting a video cassette (remember those?) in a VCR and rewinding it. Your mind and heart will do the rewind, and if you missed something this moon will grant you the opportunity to grasp it once again. A long awaited wish will occur with this moon. A feeling of safety and protection will be felt. Dreams will be lived out in our waking hours and being able to feel the reality of our dreams will help us in this process of our new life.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s December, and 2020 is almost done. I am feeling all sorts of feelings as I finish up this forecast. I am thankful that I get to fulfill my life’s purpose and that I do what I LOVE. I am thankful to each and every single one of my readers, clients, and followers. Without you I would not be where I am now doing what I love to do. The Metaphysics is not for those who don’t believe, but it is for those who do believe. Not only do we believe, but we live in our belief. 2021 will be a big year of changes; 2020 was just the gate opener. I am so happy to be here with all of you in these times of change.