2020 Year of Metal Rat


People all over the world are still celebrating the new year of 2020. Billions of people join in on the festivities of the Chinese New Year. On January 25, 2020 the Chinese New Year of Metal(Gold)Rat began. Many on this day celebrated the new year and will continue on for several days. Many are wondering what the new year will bring all of us according to Chinese astrology?

The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac and it got there because it outsmarted all the rest. Generally speaking people despise rats and for good reason. Interestingly enough as much disdain rat brings it also has its benefits. Rats are intelligent, cunning, fast, passionate, and adaptable to name a few things. This new year gives us the chance to utilize all these action traits. We must also keep in mind the darker aspects of all this action. As much as the rat outwitted the rest of the animals to gain 1st place it came at a cost. Not to be liked is a heavy burden that outweighs mental agility at any given moment.

Things to do this new year: declutter. You want to be careful you aren’t holding onto things that are taking up space. Be considerate. This would not be the year you are doing things in self gain. Universe of course will provide and supply however that does not mean you should turn a blind eye cause as poorly as the rat’s eye sight is hindsight is never too far behind. Do be curious. However, don’t be nosey just for the sake of knowing. Use your curiosity for insight on how to continue progressing in your endeavors. 

For good fortune and luck use the colors blue, gold, green, and white. Numbers to pay attention to this year would be 2,3,6, and 8. Lilies of all kinds also bring great benefits while brown, green, and yellow colors will help balance and correct karma. Of course metal(gold & white)and water would be the elements to play with this year. However, do learn your Chinese sign because not every sign should be playing with these elements and not all signs will be so fortune it this year as well.

I do hope wherever in the world you are that you are celebrating with a positive mind, heart, and spirit. May this new year be a very fortunate it one :-)

One more thing to add, don’t do anything in fear; I know easier said than done. However, this year won’t be the year to do things in fear or greed for the consequences are and will be catastrophic. Happy New Year!