Libra The Fair One

So, you think you met the love of your life. It all started with a charming hello and captivating smile. You were having a such a bad day and to top it off you missed the bus even though you were running at 125mph but at least when you came to a halt you landed on a beautiful specimen of a human. He/she helped you up and told you not to worry; the next bus will be here in 15 mins. Why, don't you catch your breath and tell me what's wrong...there goes that dazzling smile again! The next thing you know; you and your charming Libra catch a different bus and are now having dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant. Laughing it up over drinks making plans for Friday night; how could you say no to that smile! 

Libra is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They are charming, captivating, diplomatic, loving, affectionate, but bitterly sarcastic. Libra likes to live the good life, they indulge in what they enjoy, they spend money they don't have, they work hard in order to play hard, and they fall in love easily. Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and love is what they are after. Its the only way they are balanced in life; remember the scales represent Libra. A Libra who is not in a relationship is not happy. They will tell you they are okay being single, they love meeting new people(which they do), being able to do as they please but deep down inside they know they are really unhappy. Every night they wonder when their king or queen will arrive to rescue them from the mundane. Life is hard as it is but if only they had someone to go home to. 

Libra is not a stingy sign but they do come first. They will save every last penny for something they truly want. Shopaholic is a perfect word to describe them; it does not matter if they are happy or sad in order for them to shop. Feeling good is their number one priority and who else can make them feel good if not themselves? Besides, being shopaholics every Libra has a sweet tooth. You will notice they love to bake and are awesome at it! Of course its not good to indulge in sweets or alcoholic beverages all the time. That is another thing Libra loves to drink and they can drink anyone under the table. Libra also loves to work out for they know a healthy body and mind brings a good balance to life. Libra can go from over indulgence to healthy eating with a snap of a finger especially if they don't fit into their favorite outfit! 

Some will call Libra lazy but they are NOT!! They rest a lot only because their equilibrium demands it. Libra is a very active sign but they always find the time to rest. Libra has a very sharp mind... strategic if you will. They contemplate every single move of theirs and of others. Playing chess with them or any game for that matter will leave you in the dust. Just because Libra laughs at all your jokes does not mean you can pull a fast one on them. Trust me when I say you are being pulled by a puppet master. You find yourself doing things you thought you never would. Forget getting into an argument with them; you will never win. It doesn't matter if they are wrong by the time the arguing is done you will have found yourself apologizing for something that was not your fault to begin with. Word of advice learn to argue because arguing is their way of showing you they care. If they are not arguing with you; you should be worrying. Also, make sure your argument is a fair one otherwise you will be left standing there with a frown. 

Libra is the third cardinal sign in the zodiac. What this means is they are natural born leaders but leading is something they don't enjoy right away in life. You see they have a hard time making a decision. They weigh every possible option; as babies you should teach them how to choose between two things. This will help them so much in life!!! If you notice your Libra can't make a choice for the life of them then show them you know how to take the initiative. They will be so please you did so. Yet, if your Libra knows how to make a decision make sure their decision making also has your best interest at heart. Trust me Libra can be selfish but in a fair way of course. 

I do hope the Libra that has captivated you always keeps you captivated. To be in a relationship with a Libra is to be in a stable and loving one. They are great partners who are constantly showing you how much they love you. Romance is their weakness and they are so good at it. For the women bring them their favorite flowers, shoes, perfume, and sweets. As for the men; bring them their favorite cologne, sweets, and lingerie they love you in. For the night is young, the stars are shining brightly, and making love sounds perfect right about can you say no to that beautiful captivating smile :-)


Virgo the Observant

I do apologize for any errors on this blog post but I am not a perfectionist unlike Virgo which this blog is about. A Virgo who tells you they are NOT PERFECTIONIST are simply lying to you and themselves. All Virgos have this tendency of doing everything correctly or not doing it at all. Why, would anyone spend so much time and effort on something only to have it be all wrong? Why, not take your time and carefully analyze and systemically get it right to the point of perfection? Virgos move slowly because their element is Earth but their minds are not slow at all!!! DO NOT make the mistake of thinking a Virgo an idiot for if you do; you will be left behind quicker than you can change your underwear. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the Messenger God; this should be a great indication of what Virgo is capable of. Trust me when I say Virgo is capable of many things. Virgo can act, create, criticize, heal, judge, manipulate, prank, save, and study others without the slightest of efforts. Just don't try it on them, they will see what you are up to before you even get started. You do not want to anger a Virgo; not only will you lose them but a good thorough critique you will receive of yourself, with no regard to your feelings or your thoughts. Please, understand Virgos are cold individuals who have to warm up to you in order for you to see who they truly are.

This is not to say Virgos are cold lovers that's far from the case but they do not jump into relationships so easily like their polar opposite Pisces. A Virgo rather be alone than be with someone anyways. Virgos LOVE being alone and that is something a lot of people do not understand about them. You see Virgo is really HARD on themselves. They do not need others telling them their faults because they know all their faults and then some. Virgos worry a lot also but its part of their personality and a Virgo who is not worried does not have their mind occupied. A bored Virgo is not a good thing because this when that prankster and malicious side of theirs comes out. Virgo can cause drama quicker than their brother Gemini who is constantly seeking drama for the fun of it. The only difference in the drama is Virgo does not lie; where as Gemini will, just to make the drama juicer. If you want to win a Virgo over you must be intelligent, giving, and clean. All Virgos are clean even those who keep their houses a mess will notice everything is messily in place. Not scattered around like some sort of maniac. One last thing Virgos have excellent memories, they will surprise you when they tell you the first time they remembered meeting you to the very last detail, they will know exactly where and how you were standing. You should take that as flattery because not everyone is that detailed oriented or even pays attention in that sort of way.

Virgos know how to save money and share it; they are not greedy. You will find a lot of Virgos working in the medical field, working as actors, creating music, and being crafty. Some are even architects; this is because Virgos have amazing hands...they can take something apart and put it right back together. Remember that mind of theirs is ruled by Mercury but it is said Virgos true ruler is Vulcan the God of Fire & Welding. Vulcan was the blacksmith of the Gods and since many believe Vulcan to be the true ruler of Virgo it makes sense that all Virgos are crafty individuals. Vulcan was never in the lime light like the other Gods but in the Earth welding weapons. He was not very good looking himself and was only married to the Goddess of Love because Jupiter made it so. She in turn would cheat on him with Mars all the time since Vulcan all he ever did was work but how he suffered for his wife's love and loyalty. Hence, why so many Virgos are shy and awkward when it comes to love and socializing. Work will always come first, family second, friendship third, and love last. The friends Virgo has have been made to last a life time while the loves they have experienced have all been none lasting. Remember Virgo rather be alone than suffer the heartache of love; its not worth the time and effort if everyone is the same. Love to Virgo is not a game but a life long commitment they would love to share with a kindred soul like themselves. So, Virgo will sit and wait for that true love to come and find them...for Virgo wants to be at ease and rest peacefully at night. Haven't you notice Virgo is an insomniac...don't you want to be the one laying next to him gently caressing his temple and making him feel at ease and relaxed enough to sleep soundly? To be in love with a Virgo will be one of the best decisions you have ever made; for you alone will see a side of him no one gets the chance to see...appreciate it and show him how much you appreciate this intelligent, crafty, and funny man or woman.


Leo the Lion

You see that person standing in the middle of the room surround by admiring fans; laughing at all his jokes and giving him the come hither look...that's a Leo. Leo can't help but be the center of attention; for you see they are ruled by the Sun. Yes, the big bright star that gives us all life. Leo is always full of life even when they are depress, sick, recently broken up; you wouldn't know it since they are constantly wearing their big bright smiles and helping you better your life. Leo is a fixed sign and what this means is they are always there to help others whether they want it or not. Leo is also a fire sign so, saying no to them is not part of their vocabulary. They have no clue what that word means in any language; which could become a big problem in Leo's life. Being a fire sign means Leo can come off as aggressive but not as aggressive as an Aries. Leo can be very persuasive but not as much as a Sagittarius. Leo will lie just to get his way and the kicker is most people know when Leo is lying but they do it anyway because everybody loves Leo. Why, would you say no to them? They just helped you out last week so, now its your turn to return the favor....

 You will meet some shy Leos but trust me they aren't all that shy. Most likely some time in their lives they had to learn to step out of the lime light in order to win more LOYAL fans. So, they sit quietly observing their prey waiting for just the right moment to attack. Don't forget Leo is represented by the lion the King of the jungle. You ever watch how a lion and a lioness hunt? They are very careful and quick once they pounce on their prey. What makes you think you are any different? If Leo is interested in you don't run; it will only make matters worse. They will find you and they will get you; trust me. I am not saying they will force themselves on you but you have no standing chance once they set their eyes and big hearts on you. The only thing is once they capture you; you have to be their number one fan. This is a very exhausting job; like I said before they are represented by the King of the jungle; you are nothing but a peasant who will do everything for them. Don't complain to loud or be to dramatic about it since Leo won't have any problems reminding you how there are other peasants out there waiting in line to take your spot....that hurts doesn't it? Leo's pride is bigger than themselves and hurting your pride won't be a problem for them.
Leo is also a very giving sign. They share whatever they have. Saving money is not something they do. They spend it rather quickly and make it quickly as well. The good life is what Leo is after; they want to be able to lounge around whenever they want. Eating well, dressing well, and keeping their mane beautiful is their number one priority in life. Don't tell me you haven't notice how beautiful their hair is? How much they are constantly playing with their hair to gather that attention they want. Speaking of attention; Leo LOVES it. Just like they also LOVE gossip and twisting some words here and there is of no problem to them. For they also love drama. Don't you know drama is a part of life? If you have none than you are a dull person in their eyes.
My intention is not to scare you away from Leo but to make you understand them. They are big pussy cats who love to be pet all the time. Complement them always. Shower them with attention always. Love only them always. ALWAYS be LOYAL for they are very loyal to those who they see as being worthy of their love and presence. You will always be filled with life just like Leo is; just never say NO for the dramatics will soon follow.....



Cancer the Protector

Cancer the Protector
Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
~I lead with my intuition ~

Cancer how to write about you? I FEEL I must be honest with your description. The first of the water signs and the second cardinal leader of the zodiac. Much has been said about you. Yet, people are still left in total shock of what you are like. They don't grasp why you fluctuate from one emotion to the other. How is it possible someone can feel so much and not go insane? Well, I am not saying you are but being ruled by the Moon herself does make you very hard to capture and let alone understand.

Cancer can be one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Full of love, laughter, and comfort. Not only is their personality beautiful but so are their eyes. You see; their eyes hold the glimmer of the Moon; they are bright and deep and full of mystery. Yet, its their hearts which will captive you the most. You can not believe how one person could care so much, shed so many tears but still smile that warm smile of theirs. 

The thing about Cancer is their ever-changing moods. It changes as often as the moon changes phases and the ocean's current. One day you will witness a tsunami of a depression with no hopes of surviving. The next day you will be confused to see the brightest smile on their majestic faces. Yet, the following day you won't understand where the tidal wave of anger has come from. What ever you do don't pity them. They aren't looking for pity just to be understood. The Cancer person can not fathom why people aren't more expressive with their emotions. They know expressing your emotions is a healthy thing to do. It helps you grow and understand. Just remember as much as they express their emotions their jealousy also does get expressed. It's best to make sure you aren't lying either because they will see through your lies and they will emotionally torture you until you come clean. 

Cancer is also a very creative person. Art, photography, cooking, & designing are great outlets for them. Money is their specialty; they know how to get it, make it grow, and save it. They understand the value of money more than Taurus but that's only because they love money just as much as they love themselves. Money is the great savior of all things. It brings food, comfort, and happiness. They may seem stingy because they are constantly saving or hiding their money but that's far from the truth. They are giving with their money and they will show you by buying you the best of the best. What's the point in buying cheap if you are only going to have to buy it again? Doesn't make sense to waste money so stupidly! 

Just do remember Cancer is represented by the crab. They will cling onto anything, whether it's a person, a thing, or a memory. It does not matter.  To be a crab in a massive body of ocean you gotta learn how to hang on and be tough in the ever-changing water. This applies in the real world just as well. It's hard to come by people of value, material items worth while, and perfect memories in this crazy world. At the end of the day this gentle person just wants someone who can help them enjoy the beauty of the night. Don't you see there's nothing to be afraid of...the light of the moon glows ever so gently...walk side by side with me and I promise you a most beautiful, majestic, and understanding heart....Cancer the Protector will always protect what they value the most...if you open this crab up you will have the most loyal person by your will never be without love, a home, and protection. 

Compatibility With The Signs

Aries is a cardinal sign; this natural born leader who goes after all he wants and they always get what they want. So, with this in mind if an Aries has set their eyes on you; there’s no sense in fighting it unless of course you are not interested; simply tell them and they will be long gone before you get a chance to explain why. The best matches for Aries are Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio. The other water signs will damper your fire with their emotional pleas; the earth signs are simply to cold for your passion; air signs can help balance your passion; and fellow fire signs understand you and fill you with more passion.

Taurus is a fixed sign; Taurus will stay in relationship until they know they can no longer do any good in it. Taurus is quick to settle down only because being alone drives them crazy. Taurus is loyal and sensual in a relationship; flings are not something they partake in because of this Taurus can tend to settle for someone less than speculator and then expect them to change in order to be with them. The best matches for Taurus are Capricorn and Scorpio(Polar Opposite). Air signs will be long gone by the time you decide to give them your heart; fire signs will leave you full of want with no promise of commitment; water signs are the perfect blend for you; and fellow earth signs are willing to guide you into a beautiful, sensual, faithful love.

Gemini is a mutable sign; adapting is natural to them and part of their daily routine. To be with a Gemini means giving up your life to adapt to theirs. There’s no ifs and or buts about it. Gemini in a relationship is a sight to watch. Gemini really thinks being tied down will help them relax and find that tranquility they are searching for. Being in a relationship with Gemini will not leave you bored; just tired and really confused. The best matches for Gemini is Gemini and Libra. Water signs are just to dramatic and who has the the time for drama; earth signs just demand to much and never give anything in return, you will be long gone; fire signs are awesome and lots of fun; fellow air signs will give their love to you with no restrictions or judgement.

Cancer is a cardinal sign; they go after their heart desires. The problem is Cancer is to willing to come out of their shell when they believe they found love; only to realize once again it was a fake; why, bother to come out of their shell; if everyone doesn’t believe in real love? Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this can be a blessing and problem all at once. It’s only a problem when you let the illusions of others penetrate your heart. Guard your heart, Cancer, for not everyone is capable of nourishing it the way you see fit. The best matches for Cancer is Capricorn(Polar Opposite)and Scorpio. Fire signs will leave you dissipated after what seems like the ultimate cruel joke on their part; air signs are too charming with their words, who is to say they aren’t charming someone else; earth signs will love you like no other; and fellow water signs can help you stay out of your shell and enjoy the beauty of night.

Leo is a fixed sign; which means Leo is set in his way and Leo will not have a problem pointing out and fixing your shortcomings. Leo is ruled by the Sun; people can’t help but gravitate towards them. The problem with being the center of attention is getting them away long enough for them to focus on you. Please, realize being with a Leo can be exhausting but worthwhile if they feel you are a bright star like themselves. The best matches for Leo are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius(Polar Opposite). Water signs will flood you with their emotions, which seem never ending; earth signs are mistakes waiting to happen; air signs are lots of fun and look great by your side; and fellow fire signs don’t mind sharing the spot light with you.

Virgo is a mutable sign; Virgo adapts easily but without failing to see the overall picture. Virgo likes a strong minded person who isn’t overly emotional. Emotions are not a strong suit for Virgo only because they don’t understand them. Virgo has a very hard time realizing they are in love and this happens all the time because Virgo rather be alone than be in a meaningless relationship. Virgo expects you to understand them; whether they understand you or not all depends on how serious they are with you(remember Virgo is ruled by the messenger God, Mercury). Leaving you alone is not a problem; they rather be alone anyway. The best matches for Virgo are Pisces(Polar Opposite)and Capricorn. Fire signs will drive you crazy, air signs never seem to be around long enough for you to grasp, water signs can you teach all about love, and fellow earth signs give you understanding and assurance.

Libra is a cardinal sign; the most charming of the cardinals. The funny thing about this leader though is you will be doing all the work. For Libra knows they are a catch and whoever wants to catch them must in fact chase them and must prove their worth to them. Libra has to be in a relationship its the only way they find balance. A single Libra is a very sad sight to behold; their beautiful smile is no longer their until their King or Queen comes and rescues them(yes, I said king and queen…they don’t want to be with no knight, prince, or princess, and even worst a peasant!). The best matches for Libra are Pisces and Gemini. Fire signs are lots of fun but a lot of work, water signs are full of love but it’s not free, earth signs love is sensual and grounded, with fellow air signs there is an infinite understanding.

Scorpio is a fixed sign; fixing their relationship to suit them is not a problem; you won’t even know you are being fixed by them. To be in a relationship with Scorpio you must be willing to deal with their never ending jealousy. You must be honest(is the best advice I can give you)for they will know(and trust me when I say this). The best match for Scorpio is Taurus. Fire signs would only boil your water, air signs will cause you a tidal wave of emotions which they won’t have time to deal with, earth signs can be sensual and worthwhile, and fellow water signs will further deepen your passion.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign; this means they can in fact adapt into a relationship. The only thing is how to get them into one? Sagittarius is the life of the party and the party is really good and missing out on the party is not something Sagittarius wants to do. The best matches for Sagittarius is Aquarius and Sagittarius. Earth signs would make you cry from the boredom, water signs would be a bigger mistake only because they are more sensitive than most and curbing your tongue is not part of your personality, air signs are lots of fun, and fellow fire signs are a lot more understanding and willing to forgive more easily.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign; what this means is Capricorn leads in all relationships. Capricorn is different than the other cardinals only because Capricorn rather be alone than be in the wrong relationship for a very long time. Once Capricorn commits its for good. The best matches for Capricorn are Cancer(Polar Opposite)and Taurus. Fire signs would only be a mistake, air signs move to quick for you liking and overall play to many games of do you love me or not, water signs will help you balance your heart, while your follow earth signs will help you understand what love really is.

Aquarius is a fixed sign; in all honesty what this means is they will enter the relationship willingly but they will fix whatever they see wrong with the relationship. The only difference between this fixed sign and the other fixed signs is Aquarius will leave the relationship sooner than later. Especially, if you ask Aquarius to fix things within themselves. The best matches for Aquarius are Leo(Polar Opposite) and Gemini. The water signs are a HUGE NO for you, earth signs will help you be more grounded but you won’t tolerate how slow moving they are, with the fire signs you can discover what it is to be impulsive in love(they are more flings than anything else)and with your follow air signs you can find a beautiful balance of understanding and love.

Pisces is a mutable sign; they can adapt to anyone. Pisces is the most romantic of all the signs because they truly believe in true love. They are constantly searching for it because of this Pisces will have many lovers throughout their lives(all of them being the wrong lovers). Just remember Pisces not everyone who makes you smile is the “right one”. Pisces the best matches for you are Libra, Scorpio, and Virgo(Polar Opposite).  The air signs keep a nice current in your waters. Keep away from the fire signs, unless of course you like keeping your water warm. Earth signs can help balance you; while, fellow water signs swim beautifully in your water.