A little something for the signs

Aries stands the tallest and proudest of them all.

Taurus is patient and strong…please, tread carefully…those horns are powerful.

Gemini the most misunderstood sign is really the most loyal of all…just don’t get them bored…you have been WARNED!

Cancer’s love is calm and gentle until their fears take over; watch out for the claws!

A Leo’s heart is as big as their roar.

Virgo the bachelor of the signs, being picky can be tricky.

Libra recognizes love but Libra must learn not to fall in love with love.

Scorpio knows when you lie. Their sting is no lie. They are the voodoo sign of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is always seeking the truth but the truth is within them.

Capricorn who understands their heart and mind = Sea Goat who everyone seeks.

Aquarius lives in the future with a beautifully blended past & present.

Pisces swims against their own emotions.


Sagittarius the ninth zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter(Zeus). The bow & arrow is the symbol and the centaur is the representation for this sign. If your birthday lies between November 22- December 21st you are in fact a Sagittarius. You will always read how fun loving and optimistic a Sagittarius is. You will also read how they are the eternal bachelors of the zodiac, how they fear commitment or responsibilities. Ehh, doesn't everyone have those fears??? Besides, I believe Virgo is more of the bachelor of the zodiac just because of how critical they are on themselves and everyone else around them. Virgos analyze everything and when I say everything I mean everything. That tends to happen when you have a quick mind. 

Now, the point to this blog is not to tell you all about Sagittarius because that would be giving all my secrets away. I don't think my fellow Sags would appreciated it to much either. Next thing I know there's 100 of them outside my door demanding who gave me the RIGHT to do such a thing. No, thank you! I am here to ask you why the centaur? Why, does he always have his bow & arrow pointing to the heavens? At times he's pointing to a target in front of him yet we don't know what it is? Why is Sagittarius the only sign that is half human and half animal? I believe I have a theory.....

I think the reason a centaur represents us is for the simple reason we would go around killing everyone. Do you know why? The Almighty Jupiter(Zeus)was a very egotistical god. He imprisoned his own father, with good reason of course, his father after all had already consumed his other siblings before him. He freed them all and he got everyone who hated his father to join him in his cause for justice! Once he finished doing what he had to do, they gambled to see who would rule over what domain, and we all know how much we love to gamble :-) As lady luck would have it Zeus(Jupiter)won the sky and he was now the new GOD who all other GODS had to listen to........ 

So, the centaur is a good choice for this zodiac sign. Being half human and half horse is a good thing, our logic outweighs our animal reactions. Even in anger we are still thinking and trust me you do not want to know what is running through our minds. Just be thankful we aren't doing what we are thinking at that moment. The only time the animal in us takes over is when we are chasing someone we are interested in or in bed...yes, I said it...all Sagittarians are animals in bed...if you are dating one and you haven't seen that side yet its because they aren't comfortable with you yet....but do trust me it's there waiting to be unleashed.....A Sagittarius is a deep thinker and will always be open to discussing anything from space to the ladies in the corner always asking for money. If there is reason and humor behind in it then there is much to discuss...... 

As far as the bow & arrow, well Sagittarius is the only one with a weapon. Just be careful...not only can we get out of hand but we are also very blunt in our way of speaking. You do not want one of those arrows pointed towards you. An archer makes sure he sees his target, follows it, and slowly but steadily aims his arrow, unleashes it with such brute force, the target lays dead not knowing where that arrow came from. Poor little guy thinking he could fuck with a Sagittarius....he will have learned his lesson when he comes to..hopefully, he comes to......

Well, folks I know I said I would post September's horoscopes but it's already the 14TH...I feel it defeats the purpose now. I do think I will make a post next of one of the other fire signs...either Aries ruled Mars(Ares)God of War<----that should basically answer all your questions about the Aries person you are dating....or Leo who is ruled by the Sun<---yes, the big star that shines brightly over ahead..........this should also give you a clue about the Leo person you are dating...

Until next time!