The new moon in Taurus is on the 11th, and if all you do is rest… so be it. However, for those of you who are determined to get things done, this is your moon. Taurus is a very determined sign when it wants what it wants. This is where the famous stubbornness trait comes in, because there is no stopping Taurus once it’s mind is made up. So, do keep in mind to keep in mind of all that is involved in what you desire to achieve. This moon will move whatever blockages that have kept you from achieving what you want. Take charge today, for the energy is victorious. 

Colors to work with this unstoppable moon are gold, pink, red, green, and purple. Grounding today will be good for some, staying home serves best for some, while others are being pushed to break free from old toxic habits. Treat yourself today to a luxurious bath, a new meal you would have never tried before, buy yourself that thing you have been wanting for a while now. Be good to yourself today. 

Some might feel very uncomfortable with this moon and even feel flu-like symptoms. What is happening is a purge from the inside out. You are being pushed to this point in order for you to finally set yourself free from toxic behaviors and thinking. Go through the process, be gentle with yourself, and know this is for your highest good. 



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