Retrograde season is still in full effect as August arrives on the scene. Five planets still waltzing backwards have the collective in limbo. So many of us are doing their very best to live in normalcy while the world is in it’s tower moment. The days seem to be going by fast and getting increasingly hotter each day. Keeping cool this month is essential in order to remain level headed. For once the planet of shock joins the backward waltz and the shift that will occur because of this will bring the collective into a state of uncertainty. Uranus is not a planet to be trifling with, and since it stationed itself in Taurus two years ago we have all been feeling that uneasiness when it comes to comfortability. 

August 3rd is the full moon in Aquarius, and nothing says shock factor like a full moon in Aquarius. You just never know what you will get out of this moon. It’s like playing dice; you can blow on the dice for luck, but that does not mean it will roll in your favor. This isn’t the moon to do anything with; however, this is the moon that will be doing things to you. Some might feel uneasy, others will have unexpected news, some might even have tower moment after tower moment, and yet others might just retreat in order to recharge. It really all depends on your journey of self discovery. Do note, discovery is what we all will be experiencing. So, just sit back and relax. Let the moon do what it must. 

On the 4th, we have Mercury entering Leo, turning on the spotlight for the main characters of the show. Focused attention will come easy, and paying attention to the minor details will be even easier. What you perhaps didn’t notice before when Mercury was in Cancer, now you will be able to see it clearly. Communicating will come with ease; however, this does not mean what you are hearing is the absolute truth. Exaggeration is probable and saying a white lie here or there won’t be a problem in order to get what you want. Desires of all kinds will be showcased for all to see, competition will be fierce, claws will be at the ready, and theatrics will be an everyday occurrence. This transit will seem like a long one, but in reality it’s just enough for all to get the show started. 

The 7th Venus enters Cancer, shifting the energy from multiple partnerships to a more one on one partnership. Nostalgia will be the feeling throughout this transit causing very profound feelings that will nag at you until action is taken. If you thought the past was laid to rest, you will learn that isn’t the case. We gotta remember we have Chiron retrograde in Aries at the moment, and this will amplify Venus in Cancer. Feelings which have not been expressed will be spoken. This does not mean once expressed the feeling will go away. If there is no action behind the expression, do expect a tsunami to form in order to be understood. 

Vesta enters Leo on the 11th, helping our desires to spring into action. What sacrifices have you been doing in order to realize your inner most desires? What have you put on hold in order to pursue that which sets your heart ablaze? Now, will be the time to jump into action and go after that which you have been yearning for. Nothing will hold you back anymore and big displays will not go unnoticed. Just do be mindful that you are taking everything into consideration and not allowing the darker side to lead the way. Obsession can and will lead to some ugly challenges. You have been forewarned! 

Saturn quintile Chiron on the 12th, giving us a surprise no one would have ever seen coming. This day has a magical feel to it and you should take full advantage of this energy. Whatever is brought to your attention will pave the way for the remainder of the month. Investing would be a good move, investing in a new healing modality would be wise, and meeting a new business partner will be very probable. The possibilities on this day are quite fruitful for all future endeavours. 

The biggest shift though is on the 15th when Uranus retrogrades in Taurus for the remainder of the year. The shock factor and tower moments will now accelerate for the human consciousness. Uranus is the planet of change, revolution, humanitarian causes, and future events. Everything that will occur now were things spoken about in the past, our future has become this moment in time. Nothing will be happening tomorrow and there won’t be those “I don’t know” moments anymore. There also won’t be those “I know” moments, because you will realize you didn’t know what you thought you knew. In all the areas that we have been comfortable in will now be uncomfortable. The Universe will now make the move that it must for the leap in human consciousness that is needed to occur. Bye bye normalcy and welcome antonym. 

Our new moon in Leo is on the 18th, giving us a sense of confidence in order to keep going this month. It is very likely that you will be recharging on this day or finding the courage to move on from whatever toxic things, places, or people. Cowering is the more probable reaction during this moon. It is highly recommended that you light some candles, pamper yourself, and give yourself an encouraging pep talk in front of the mirror. If instead you decide to sleep the day away, that’s also cool. Doing whatever you are being called to do for this moon is encouraged. Especially since this moon is an unpredictable one. This new moon is really just an amplifier of all the energy that has shifted and will continue to shift. So, again just do whatever makes you comfortable :-).

August starts off quietly, but Uranus is really what will throw all of us off. For those of you who love the summer, enjoy it while it lasts; and for those who love the fall, don’t worry those cooler days are fast approaching. I know I myself can smell the cool air even if it’s just in my mind at the moment. Summer is almost over. 2020 still holds many surprises and changes for our evolution. 


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