Welcome, all to February a month no one will forget. January had the feeling of five years in one month. Many had thrown in the towel by the first week and February won’t be any different. If you thought this month would be easier think again. We have two retrogrades taking place, a full moon that will be center stage for the year, and we get one added day this month. So, take a seat and let’s see how the month will progress. 

On February 3rd Mercury enters Pisces and will be here for quite a bit. At one point it will shift into Aquarius but not until March only to shift back into Pisces once again. Being mindful of our communication skills will be imperative at this time. Some people won’t tolerate this transit at all because everyone seems to be lalaland. Getting straight answers out of people will be quite the challenge and not falling victim to our own fantastical talks in our heads is highly recommended at this time. Everyone will choose to daydream instead of communicating their reality. Imaginations will run wild yet as wild as they are there is basis for the imaginings. Be tolerant. Be patient. Be compassionate.

Venus enters Aries on the 7th bringing an incessant need for passion. Here our needs will be the only concern and how to get them fulfilled instantaneously. Selfishness will be the fuel, some will charm you into giving in, while others will bully you into submission. Doing something useful with this passionate energy will produce creative projects you didn’t even know you had within you. Going after a creative project at this time will produce abundance you would have never imagined. Keep yourself in check, be patient, and do your best to not lead with your ego. Do be fearless but don’t be impulsive.

February 8th we have Juno commencing her retrograde in Libra until May 26th. This outer asteroid is all about marriages, partnerships, unions, pregnancies, birth, and the care of others. Most importantly she governs loyalty. Juno is the wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology in Greek mythology she is Hera Zeus’ wife. Those who know mythology know how unfaithful he was to her. This drove a jealousy in her that made her do some crazy shit in order to make him aware of how his infidelities made her feel. So, with this in mind we all gotta be mindful of others and their feelings. It’s not only about your needs, desires, wants, feelings,etc it’s about you and your partner. Around this time indiscretions will be revealed, disloyalty will be seen, jealousy will be rampant, which could lead to some heavy duty karma. The fact that Juno is in Libra makes things a lot more consequential. Libra governs harmony, relationships, balance, and fairness. These next coming months will bring the changes we need in our relationships.

The 9th we have our full moon in Leo and this will be felt by all. This Leo moon makes the fire we are all experiencing even more intense. We will roar our demands, we will shout our feelings, our egos will be inflated, and we will obsess with getting what we want and getting it RIGHT NOW! Yet, in the same token our need to protect not only ourselves but those we love will be prevalent. We will have our protective side over take us to the point where it will lead us blindly into a battlefield which is self created. There is nothing wrong with taking a stance, with protecting others, however what exactly are you protecting? Are you even sure what you are protecting wants the protection? This moon will illuminate a lot of things that need protecting but it will also illuminate what needs to be let go of. 

Hopefully, now everyone is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable because on the 15th we get more uncomfortable energy. Uranus semisextile Chiron in such a way that we will be made to feel why we are uncomfortable within ourselves. Uranus is in Taurus and has been there for awhile and will remain there for quite awhile. Chiron is in Aries having been there for awhile as well and will remain there for quite a while also. Both these planets are helping us to see and understand ourselves. Uranus with our comfort levels in money and home. While, Chiron is helping us see the harm we do to ourselves on a day to day basis. On this day it won’t be any different it just will be more amplified. I do see an epiphany happening though that will allow us all to shift into a much higher vibration. Whatever, uncomfortable scenario occurs this day do note it’s happening for your betterment. 

The next day we have Mars entering Capricorn which helps to slow us down. Our moves now will be a lot more calculated, beneficial, and help us get even higher in our goals. We do however have to keep in mind to not be so blatant in how we go about getting into the positions we want to be in. Using people for your benefit will backfire however using the resources you already have will cement your future. At one point or another everyone will feel used and abused and power struggles will occur. Everyone will think they are right and yet everyone will be made aware of how your choice of action brings on whatever consequences because of your choices.

On this day also we have our first Mercury retrograde and it is in Pisces. Take a deep breath because this retrograde is going to feel like it’s never going to end. When it does end it will station direct in Aquarius by this time the majority will have probably been brought to their knees. At this point in the month it will feel like another five years have passed and yet it’s only the 16th of the month. The tides are high which is necessary in order to wash away all the bullshit we have been accumulating for quite some time. Remember how everyone back in December was so looking forward to usherin in a new decade? Well, this retrograde will have everyone missing the decade before. Now, you will see how fragile people really are and how they operate in fear. This is when empathy, compassion, and loving thy neighbor will really show the love we all have for each other. Whatever, illusions, delusions, fears, ego based actions, and jealousy will be made aware in order for you to understand it, heal it, and forgive it. Remember, we still have three planets in Capricorn which is making us ALL aware of the karma in our lives. Of course there are blessings and miracles occurring throughout the month but in order for these occurrence to occur one must do their part in having them materialize in your world. 

The 23rd gives us our new moon in Pisces which can bring some gentleness in all the madness taking place. Envision a mermaid sitting on a rock basking in the moonlight; singing a song just for the moon. You will want to do some gentle nurturing at this time not only for yourself but also for those you care about in particularly the women in your life. Working with the colors pinks, baby blues, or simply working with pastels will bring that femininity in order to feel nurtured. Self care should be made a priority during this time and avoiding any form of escapism as well. Listen to music and be creative with this moon. 

February is a month of change and it be best to swim with the tide instead of against it. Do stop once in awhile to rest in order to catch your breath. The ocean is vast and you can not swim it in a day. You can however learn to float and take your time in order to reach that far away island which by now does not seem that far away at all. 


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