On March 19th we have Uranus sextiling in True Node in Cancer which will bring some harmony to us in spite of recent events. Life as we know it has changed seemingly overnight. Yet, what humanity isn’t grasping is this has been a long time in coming. Uranus the planet of unexpected changes is also the ruler of tension, freedom, futuristism, riots, and utopias.

Meanwhile, Cancer is the nurturer, the homebody, the mother, the caretaker, and the cook. As we watch the world be in chaotic energy we must realize we are creating a future we have all been dreaming of. We have been desiring this, wanting this, and needing this. As, we see what our world has become from our neglect and greed; we are being given a way to fix it. Being at home is important now because here is where we ALL need to be.

You see some have always escaped home, while others took advantage of their home, some have terrorize their home, while others have been missing their home. Now, is the time to fix whatever it is you need to fix within your home. Yes, we ALL will be feeling the impact of our monies. We will realize where we have been putting stock , what we value, and how we can’t be greedy at this time.

Things do seem dark at this moment and anchoring in reality is definitely of a benefit to all. As, things continue to change and the ground continues to rumble and crumble we should keep in mind that diamonds are form from pressure. If we do things in a very humane way things will turn out to be so much more better than we could have possibly imagined. Please, be advised things have to change. People will be taken aback by the shocking news being received in the days to come.

Remember, Uranus is in Taurus and today we feel a nice harmonizing of energies. Unexpected, beautiful surprises will be had. Miracles will occur, psychic visions will be so vivid you will think whatever you are seeing is actually happening. Gratitude on this day will not go without acknowledgement. 



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