Time Alludes All

Happy, May! This month will be one for the books. Solidifying the change throughout the collective we have all been experiencing since the beginning of the year. As we know 2020 is a 4 year and being May is the fifth month in the calendar it’s giving us 9’s energy. Meaning collectively we will be making karmic changes in our evolutionary progress. Compassion and tolerance is the main theme throughout the month. The lesson for the month is vulnerability though. Let us commence with the planetary shifts happening throughout the month.

The biggest shift will be on the 5th when the Nodes known as the “Nodes of Fate” leave Cancer and Capricorn. What does this mean precisely? Well, it means our focus for our life’s purpose will now take on a different meaning. For the past year and half we all have been focusing on home and responsibilities. Issues from our past arised in ways we could have not foreseen and our safety was brought into the forthfront. As the Nodes shift from Cancer and Capricorn  to Gemini and Sagittarius we find ourselves collectively questioning the safety of not only our homes but also of ourselves and our livelihood. Now, for the next year and half what will arise will be our handling of things.

The North Node(True Node)will shift into Gemini making us all aware of our environment and what is happening to it. Gemini has a pretty bad reputation in the astrological world yet what we must keep in mind is that Gemini is a mutable meaning it is adaptable. Keeping this in mind will be very beneficial throughout this transit. The South Node will shift into Sagittarius bringing up past lives issues of truths that are affecting us in the here and now. What we heal from our past will help us adapt in the present. Remember being present is far more advantageous in any change taking place.  

On the 7th we have our full moon in Scorpio shedding light to the changes that must occur. Scorpio is a fixed sign meaning it can be quite fixated on things, people, and places. Yet, this moon’s purpose is to help alleviate whatever dead weight we are still carrying and insisting on making it work just because that’s what we want. Doing things in the same manner no longer works and this moon will illuminate it. To help shed this energy do a scrubbing ritual, honor your deities, have a glass of wine, and just let go. 

May 11th Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius zapping us all into movement. Having bouts of insanity and feeling like you can not express yourself will be the new norm. Unexpected turn of events affects collectively more so than individually. Showing us once again how very connected we are. Advances in technology will not only leave us speechless but it will have us questioning its velocity on the scene. Individually though do expect whatever changes have been transpiring to move in a more slow and detailed manner. Answers once known will change seemingly overnight. Ideas should be written down and kept quiet until the time strikes for it’s reveal. Do keep in mind what we thought we knew will now prove to be unknown once again. 

On this same day Mercury enters Gemini shifting us into more movement however this energy will prove to be more frustrating as the days unfolded. Day by day things will pick up speed and then halt into place for an overlook of what is really transpiring. Communication will be left with more uncertainty yet advances in communication technology will bring more togetherness and unity. Curiosity will take on a new meaning only because it helps bring on easiness, connectedness, and compassion. Childlike wonderment will have us all leaping into action. 

On the 13th Mars enters Pisces ushering us into creative mode. Creation of all kinds come to life with ease. Seeing beyond our self limitations will leave all with hope for a brighter future. Wanting to share in love and positivity helps us to open up to all the possibilities. A sense of possession is the motive for the rapid movement taking place. Yet, the trick here is the allowance we must be in; in order for things to unfold magically.

Venus on this same day retrogrades in Gemini, putting a halt on all forms of communication, movement, diplomacy, humanitarian work only because now is the time to floss things over. Going over things with a fine comb will move things along at a much manageable speed. Agreements will be binding and life changing for all involved. 

Jupiter retrogrades on the next day in Capricorn shifting our focus to the tangible and how to produce more of it for the long haul. While Jupiter has been transiting in Capricorn we have been able to see what big projects can be accomplished. Now, with Jupiter retrograding seeing clearly won’t be a problem. Do note whatever big climbs we take during this time will prove to have been exactly what was needed to prosper in big meaningful ways. 

The 17th has Pallas starting it’s retrograde in Aquarius. At this time collectively we will learn nothing is ever easy especially during times of change. In order to evolve as a species we have to dive deep in order to see clearly what must be done collectively. Whether or not these changes take on precedence won’t really matter because the energy calls for action and action is what must be done. The time of ideas is now over and the time for action is now needed. Time is of the essence in the evolutionary steps that must proceed. 

Our new moon on the 22nd in Gemini is leading the way into unity. Yet, this moon will highlight the children of the world and what it means to be a child during this time. Children will have answers to solutions adults could have ever imagined. Communication of all kinds will be taking place in all innovative ways. Candles of pastels colors, angelite, amber, and selenite crystals will help in receiving clear messages from the heavens above. 

Juno brings some relief when it stations direct on the 26th in Libra. When Juno started it’s retrograde back in February we felt how imbalance things are in our day to day. Our relations were made front in center to really assess where are grounding really was. Whether this ground was concrete or not was what we were being made to see. Now, with it direct once again we can now strive to balance ourselves out.

Finally, on May 28th Mercury shifts into Cancer helping us address our emotional needs. At times though our emotional needs will get the best of us and jealousy could rear its ugly head. Do be mindful also of psychic insights being illuminated during dream time. Deep emotional connections will be the goal to all of our future relations. 

The month of May will show us how vulnerable we really are and some will want to turn back the hands of time. Change is always tricky only because the fear of the unknown takes over all optimism. Yet, when we move along in a peaceful manner the unknown becomes clear that one can’t help but wonder why one ever doubted or feared. Do your best to enjoy yourselves this month. Life is changing and all we can do is enjoy the ride. So, fasten those seat belts for the ride has many loops and turns.

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